FROM TRASH TO TREASURE: Six tiny, abandoned pups find their forever families.

Grady is the only male!

Six tiny pups that were found on the side of a busy Mexican highway are doing well.  The one boy and five girl puppies are all being cared for in Mexico by their rescuer while waiting for volunteer flight companions so they can join their forever families through Loved at Last Dog Rescue.  All six have now found good homes and their anxious families are looking forward to meeting them.

Things didn’t always look so hopeful for these adorable puppies.  At only two months of age, they were found huddled together on the side of a busy highway in Mexico; sadly, their mother was nowhere to be found.  By some miracle, no one had run over them, and they were in reasonably good health considering their age and circumstances –alone and defenseless without food or water.  A good Samaritan came along just in time to save the puppies’ lives and end their harrowing ordeal.

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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for puppies to be “dropped off” like this, in Mexico where street dogs have multiple unwanted litters, and the demand for dogs as pets, is low.  Families struggling to make ends meet, have few resources to be able to care for these animals, and without the efforts of organizations such as Loved at Last Dog Rescue and kindhearted people abroad, there would be no future for these pups.  As no homes could be found in Mexico for the puppies, their rescuer reached out – and Loved at Last Dog Rescue got involved. Within two weeks – all six pups had found their forever homes in Canada or the U.S.

What big eyes you have, Flo!
Good things come in “Little” packages!
Fifi taking in her new world!
Spark has gorgeous brown markings !

Wondering how you can help?

This heartwarming story isn’t quite over yet though.  In order to connect these pups from Mexico with their forever families, we urgently need volunteer flight companions flying from Guadalajara to Vancouver, Victoria, or Seattle.  These puppies need to travel soon, as airlines restrict pet travel during the hot summer months in countries such as Mexico.

All the details will be taken care of – we just need another good Samaritan to step up and agree to bring one of these sweet little guys back with them as part of their vacation or business trip.  For more information on how to help, please go to:

In the meantime, Grady, Lina, Little, Fifi, Flo, and Spark continue to do what all puppies do best – cuddle, play, eat, drink, poop, sleep, and look cute and adorable! These mixed-breed pups will likely grow to be small to medium in size and are ready to begin the next exciting chapter in their lives – beloved family pet!

Lina is ready to meet her forever family!

Loved at Last Dog Rescue is a Vancouver based, registered non-profit organization which re-homes local dogs and international stray dogs from developing countries to loving adoptive homes.

During 2018, this volunteer-run organization found homes for 219 dogs and 2 cats!

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