A TRUE CHAMPION: A starving dog with a broken jaw gets lifesaving surgery and hope for the future!

Champion shown after her lifesaving surgery , wearing a special device that protects her jaw

In some countries, dogs face especially harsh conditions even if they are healthy. In Iran where dogs are routinely persecuted, and cruelly killed just because they are dogs, life for the canine species is difficult and often short. For a dog that is injured or disabled, the fight to stay alive becomes even more desperate.

Thankfully, there are people in Iran who courageously work on behalf of stray dogs and who seek a humane solution to their suffering .

Champion before her surgery

One of these persons was feeding a group of stray dogs just outside the city of Tehran when she noticed a female shepherd-mix with a problem. The young dog was clearly starving and in severe pain. Blood was dripping from her distorted jaw, and it was immediately apparent that she could not eat. Worse still, the dog had likely been in this horrible condition for several weeks.

The dog was taken in by a local rescue group but they were unable to afford the veterinary treatment that she so desperately needed. A video was circulated and another individual who was familiar with Loved at Last Dog Rescue stepped up to help. The dog who many believe was hit by a car, was given the name ‘Champion’ and a plan was put in place to fund her surgery and ensure that she would find a good home afterwards.

Champion is a fitting name for this amazing dog

Champion is a fitting name for this beautiful dog who required extensive surgery to fix her shattered jaw using a bone graft from her thigh. While her jaw heals, Champion must eat through a tube and wear this special device to protect her jaw.

Champion’s recovery from surgery will likely take a couple of months. Once she is healthy enough and fit to fly, Loved at Last Dog Rescue hopes to bring her to Canada where her story will be posted on our website. Champion is so deserving of a loving forever home and we are so happy to have been able to make a difference in the life of this incredible dog.

The device may look a little strange, but it helps support Champion’s delicate jaw while she heals

Keep watching for Champion’s story on our main website.

Such a patient dog! Champion seems to sense that we are helping her heal

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