MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE: Fostering rescue dogs saves lives!

Loved at Last Dog Rescue does not operate an animal shelter.  We rely instead, on our compassionate foster families to take in dogs that would otherwise have nowhere to go.  Some of these may be local dogs needing re-homing. Others are international arrivals that do not yet have a waiting adopter.  Emergency cases in which a dog must be urgently moved due to special circumstances (family moving, abuse cases, etc.) are also cared for by our amazing foster volunteers.

Hijinx is an active pup being fostered in East Vancouver!
Alexi is a special needs pup being fostered in Washington State!

Some of our international dogs will already have potential adopters – families approved by Loved at Last Dog Rescue who have decided to open their hearts and homes to a dog needing a forever home.  These families will pick up their pup at the airport (Vancouver or Seattle) and then take their dog home to get acquainted.  Most of the time, the match is perfect, and the adoption is finalized after a period of two weeks.  If the relationship between a potential adopter and their dog is not a good fit, we ask that the family foster the dog until another suitable adoptive family can be found.

Kiwi is an active girl being fostered in Abbotsford!

Foster families are a little different.  They take in local pups and international dogs that have arrived in Canada, but do not yet have a forever home.  Foster families are approved by Loved at Last Dog Rescue in a similar way to potential adopters, but the expectation is that the dog will not stay with the foster family long-term.  Instead, the foster cares for the foster dog as a member of his or her own family, providing love, care, socialization, and in the case of our international pups – an introduction to North American life.  Foster families are also responsible for introducing their foster dog to potential adopters that have been approved by Loved at Last Dog Rescue

Tippy is a senior border collie being fostered in Surrey!

Many of our pups come from situations in which they know only trauma, abuse, and hardship.  Street dogs have a very different skill set from that of the standard North American pet dog and most have much to learn before they settle into life in a new country.  Some will have journeyed up to 27 hours in order to get here and need time to decompress and orient themselves to their new reality.  Pups like these, need a safe secure place in order to begin the many adjustments required of them; for some even walking on a leash is new and difficult at first.

Sheni is a special-needs pup being fostered on Vancouver Island!

Without a physical shelter, foster families are one of Loved at Last Dog Rescue’s most valuable resources!  It takes a very special person to be willing to commit to love and care for a dog that will eventually go to live with another family.  However, the support of our foster families is vital – as without them, we could not possibly rescue as many dogs as we do.  Loved at Last Dog Rescue offers support to volunteers looking after our special dogs, and there is a Facebook page dedicated to our foster families.   If requested, dog food is available to foster families, and veterinary care is also covered (upon approval by Loved at Last Dog Rescue).

Joy is a tiny dog being fostered in Port Moody!

Our foster dogs come in all shapes and sizes as you can see from the photos of Loved at Last Dog Rescue pups on this page that are currently in foster care – and available for adoption!

Izzy is an energetic pup being fostered on Vancouver Island!

If you would like to make a real difference to a rescue pup in need, and feel that you are emotionally ready to foster one of our amazing dogs, please go to our website at: for more information.   We are looking for dog-lovers with or without dogs, who are home for a large part of each day, and who live in accommodation that is suitable for a dog. 

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