AN UPDATE ON SOME OF OUR SPECIAL DOGS: Champion is healing well, and the Mexican puppies have all found their forever homes!

What a difference! Champion is now healing well & gaining weight

A few weeks ago, Loved at Last Dog Rescue was involved in the rescue of a dog in Iran with a severely fractured jaw. Champion was unable to eat and was slowly starving to death. Thanks to the rescue efforts of some concerned citizens in Iran and Loved at Last Dog Rescue, Champion received desperately needed surgical treatment and medication and is well on her way to recovery!

Just a few weeks ago, this was Champion

You may remember that following her surgery, Champion had to wear a special tube device to help her feed and protect her vulnerable jaw while it healed. This has now been removed and in the photo above, it is apparent how much better Champion is feeling already. She will remain in Iran for a while longer while she finishes her prescribed medication and is cleared by the vet for travel to her forever home.

Another good-news story involved the plight of six tiny puppies abandoned on the side of a busy highway in Mexico.

From trash to treasure. Grady is one of the Mexican puppies settling in well to his forever home!

The challenge here was finding good homes quickly for all six puppies. Thankfully, there were lots of potential adopters willing to open their hearts and homes to these adorable pups, and all six are now enjoying life as valued family members in their new country.

Fifi inspecting her new world!

It is stories such as these, that warm our hearts and give us hope when the going gets tough. Dog rescue is not for the faint-of-heart, and international dog rescue can be especially challenging. Success stories such as these remind us of why we do this difficult work.

Thanks to Loved at Last Dog Rescue, these young pups were able to find a loving family of their own -perhaps for the first time ever! Champion – the dog with a broken jaw – was saved from almost certain death.

If you are interested in joining our efforts to save dogs in need from around the world (and locally) please click on the link and take a look at our website. Loved at Last Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization that relies upon volunteers. There are many different ways you can help, but the common goal is always the same – making life better for the world’s unwanted dogs.

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