HAPPY TAILS! Nacho and Sky find their forever home!

Christina Coe and her fiancé adopted their two lovely furbabies, Nacho and Sky, from Loved at Last Dog Rescue. Nacho was rescued in Mexico and Sky from Bali. These international pups have come a long way since they were found in need of food, medical care, and most important – a kind and loving forever home. Here is their adoption story, as told by Christina to Melanie Gallo.

Christina is a dedicated ‘pawrent’ who now volunteers for the rescue. “I post photos of Sky and Nacho on social media and everyone at Loved at Last Dog Rescue loves to see their progress. Since we have gotten Nacho, we have become a part of the Loved at Last Dog Rescue family, and there is so much support. Having a group where you can reach out and ask for help with all the adopters and volunteers available has been so amazing,” explains Christina.

Sky on the left and Nacho on the right

“With Nacho, it was easy. We wanted to add a member to our family, and adoption was the only logical solution. With Sky it was a lot more difficult. I had decided to foster for Loved at Last Dog Rescue with my fiancé because I have a need to save dogs. Fostering was the best way I could help lots of dogs. But when Sky arrived, it was like the stars aligned for her to come into our life. When we chose to adopt her, it was more like she chose us to be her parents . We knew she was the perfect fit for our family”.

Christina adds, “when we got Nacho, we were looking for a small dog. Turns out Nacho was going to be a lot bigger than we originally thought, but none of that matters because we love him, and are committed to him”.

“When Sky came into our lives, she was originally our foster dog. She was timid, shy, scared, and wouldn’t let us touch her. It took time, but now she is the best dog we could have hoped for. She won’t even leave our side in the house! It’s constant learning and growth with her, but when she makes progress, it just makes your heart so happy. For the first time in two months, Sky finally started playing with other dogs at the dog park. Sometimes, it’s hard, and it feels like the dogs don’t need you, but watching them grow to love you is better than anything I could have ever asked for!”

Sibling love!

A special thank you to Christina Coe for sharing her adoption story and pictures of Nacho and Sky with us! Written by Melanie Gallo.

“Saving a dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever!” 

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