“WHAT A CUTE DOG! I so want one! I want a dog to call my own!”

Many of us think of these words when we see people walking their beloved dogs – a sense of peace and contentment showing on both their faces.  However, we often don’t know the full story of how these precious fur babies came into their human’s lives. Unfortunately, not all dogs have had a great upbringing before being rescued, but thanks to Loved at Last Dog Rescue adopters such as Christina Coe and her fiancé (featured in our February 25th blog post) , many lucky dogs have now found their ‘fur-ever’ homes. These rescued pups are thriving with their new family – enjoying being well-cared for and showered with unconditional love. 

Nacho is thriving with his new family!

Adopting a dog is an amazing opportunity for both you and for the animal that is getting a second chance at life. As there are several dog rescue organizations available, it pays to look into things carefully when choosing to adopt.  When asked how to choose the best rescue organization, Christina shares, “Loved At Last Dog Rescue had the best descriptions of the dogs, and seemed to really care about each adoption. When reading over the profiles, I could tell so much about the dogs. And when we saw our dog’s face we knew it was fate!”

A ‘pawfect’ match!

What is the adoption experience like at Loved at Last Dog Rescue? “It was a great process” says Christina. “They truly care about the dogs, and they can’t wait to hear about how well they do. Loved at Last Dog Rescue was clear on all their expectations and ready to help ease the transition from street dog into loving family companion.”

“The idea of adopting a dog has to be well-thought out with all the members of your family in agreement, because this is after-all, a collective long-term commitment. A dog’s life and well-being is just as important as anything else that you welcome into your household and all aspects of the decision should be considered carefully”. 

Picking up a tiny Nacho at the border. Love at first sight!

“Researching is one of the key components to undertake before choosing to adopt any pet. Just as you would when making any big life decisions, make sure you know what is involved. Some of the things to be considered prior to adopting a dog is your financial stability, your living situation and environment, your physical and emotional well-being, and your family’s level of commitment and responsibility for the dog. It really helps to find an organization such as Loved at Last Dog Rescue that can provide you with as much information as possible about the dog of your choice before you commit to anything” explains Christina.

Sky enjoying an outing in the park

“I think the only advice I have is to make sure you’re ready. Ask yourself whether you are prepared to handle whatever comes your way – whether that is unexpected vet bills or a dog that takes longer to adjust to life in North America. Be prepared for anything! Even if your dog tries to make a daring escape from your car window resulting in a $700 emergency vet bill! Know how to keep your pet safe! We would never trade the adoption roller coaster for anything,” Christina exclaims. “Some may wonder how to know if a dog is the perfect match for your family? We knew our fur babies were the perfect fit for our family, the moment we laid out eyes on them. It was like we just clicked!”

Sleepy-time! Sky and Josh catching some zzz’s!

Loved at Last Dog Rescue works to re-home rescue dogs with the right family. This is especially important when you consider the heartbreaking history of so many rescued dogs. Potential adopters should also be aware that street dogs have to learn how to fit in as family dogs – there is lots of learning for everyone.

Happy family!

As a Loved at Last Dog Rescue volunteer, Christina reminds anyone who is considering adopting a rescue dog to work towards awareness, to become fully equipped with knowledge about dog adoption, and to support one another through the ups and downs of adopting. “We, at Loved at Last Dog Rescue, will work with you to make the adoption process go as smoothly as possible for you, your family, and most especially for your future dog!”

Written by Melanie Gallo

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