HAPPY TAILS! Home, sweet home!

What’s a better way to start the New Year than welcoming a new family member? Welcome Soya, a rescue dog from Korea whom Whitney and Ella adopted through Loved at Last Dog Rescue! Of course, as first time proud pawrents, pictures and videos are a must! As seen on Soya’s Instagram account, this happy pup has quickly settled in to her new life in B.C. – taking scenic hikes with her moms, enjoying the Pacific Northwest, sleeping in comfort (she love her naps) and of course being showered with love and affection (and hopefully, some dog pizza someday!)

Today was my first full day in my new home, and I was busy! I woke my moms up at 4:30 a.m. because it was time to play with my toys – I REALLY love my toys. I went for walks, met new friends & played, and even went shopping! I’ll be going to bed by 8 p.m. tonight fur sure.

As first time rescue dog adopters, it may be overwhelming knowing where to start. Whitney suggests that potential adopters “read up on as many articles and watch videos online about adopting rescue dogs specifically. Look into training beforehand and be patient with your new pup!”    

Hi Everyone! I made it safely to Canada & I’m ready to start my new life in Victoria B.C. with my moms. 

Getting to know your new dog will definitely take some time and patience. The first few days will require a little trial and error, as your dog may test some boundaries at home. As the weeks go by, your dog will most likely adjust to your routine, become more comfortable, and start to show his/her personality. Before you know it, your dog has gained your trust, found a sense of security and most importantly, formed a very special bond with you!

Today I discovered two new things that I like – wearing bandanas & my Kong!

Whitney shares with Loved at Last Dog Rescue that “Soya was SO well adjusted to home life – she clearly had excellent care and training prior to her journey over here. Seeing how much she’s learned to trust us in just the first month has been quite the experience!”   Whitney and Ella are prepared to invest their time and find the proper resources in order to help Soya be the best pup she can be. “She may not completely respect us yet [and] her listening skills need some work but she’ll be in training soon”. Being a Shiba Inu & Jindo mix, Soya is incredibly smart and therefore has a tendency to be stubborn.

I love pizza. I’ve never actually tried it. But I can tell that I love it!

Loved at Last Dog Rescue volunteers work diligently to provide potential adopters with as much information on available dogs as possible. “They posted lots of pictures AND videos, which was very helpful for us to see what the dogs were actually like – their size, behaviors, etc. The Loved at Last Dog Rescue volunteers even put us in contact with her rescuers in Korea. Literally any question we could think of was answered quite promptly,” says Whitney.

A majestic Korean Fox tamed, tired and smiling.

While Soya is clearly enjoying her new life in Canada; her moms are also finding out about her ‘wild side!’ “She’s never had toys before, and we discovered that she loves to gut and destroy them as quickly as possible. She went from sleeping on the floor next to our bed, to basically demanding pillow space between us. Who are we to deny her that?!”, shares Whitney.

Today is my one month adoptaversary! And I got new toys! I think I’ll stay here in Victoria, BC – these two crazy ladies seem to spoil and love me A LOT, and I think the feelings are mutual!

When you give time, patience, and most importantly, love to your new pup, you will come to realize how worthwhile it is. Whitney joyfully explains: ““as much as we’re happy to give a rescue dog a safe, loving, happy, and fun home, Soya has definitely made our lives SO much more fulfilled!”

Welcome to Canada, Soya!

A special thank you to Whitney and Ella for sharing their adoption story and pictures of Soya with us! Written by Melanie Gallo.

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