HELP BRING OUR RESCUED DOGS HOME: The desperate need for volunteers to help our Iranian dogs reach their forever homes.

Loved at Last Dog Rescue helps stray dogs from many countries, but dogs from Iran make up some of our most worrisome cases. Even before COVID-19 it was difficult to get Iranian dogs to safe and loving forever homes, but now the situation has become critical. Dogs that already have anxious families waiting for them here in Canada are stuck in Iran due to reduced flight availability and a public that is afraid to travel.

Dogs do not understand why they must wait to reach their adoptive family

To make matters worse for Vancouver-based LALDR, Iranian dogs can now only fly into Canada via Toronto and Montreal. For those fortunate dogs that do make it out of Iran, there is the conundrum of who will meet them at Pearson and Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airports. LALDR is in desperate need of some help from dog-lovers out East to help these deserving dogs connect to their Vancouver flights.

For these dogs, some of whom have been waiting for over a year for flights out of Iran – the chance of a normal life means everything. Some of them have experienced devastating cruelty and others have only known life in a shelter. All of them are victims of a culture that views dogs as vermin. There are very few places of safety for a dog with the misfortune to have been born in Iran.

There is no shortage of dogs in need

The backlog of flights out of Iran has also impacted our wonderful Iranian rescuers who work courageously to save dogs in need, nurse them back to health, and send them out of the country to loving adoptive homes. With flight restrictions negatively affecting their ability to transport dogs, rescuers are faced with an impossible dilemma. There is a finite number of dogs that can be saved when there is nowhere for the rescued dogs to go.

Life in a shelter is hard and unforgiving

In order to continue to rescue dogs in Iran, it is essential that LALDR recruit some dedicated volunteers in Toronto and Montreal who are willing to help us (and the dogs!) when they arrive in Canada from Tehran. We are looking for caring volunteers at the airport who will ensure that the dog is well taken care of until they are placed on their connecting flight.

Although the flight time from Tehran to Toronto or Montreal is listed as 14 hours, 49 minutes, this is misleading as flights are not direct and travel time is even longer. Needless to say, the dogs arrive exhausted, disoriented, and anxious to get out of their crate to stretch their legs and go potty.

For a stray dog, a loving forever home means everything
Some pictures say what words cannot

In case you are wondering if the trip from Iran to Canada is too great a burden for these dogs, please consider the alternative. Stray dogs in Iran are unwanted, and suffer horrendous abuse. There are few anti-cruelty laws and prosecution is almost non-existent. The chance for a loving adoptive home means everything – it is literally life-saving for a dog that has known only hardship and misery.

HOW YOU CAN HELP? We are in need of two different volunteer positions in Toronto and Montreal to support our Vancouver-bound dogs arriving on flights from Iran:

Freedom – and the chance for a new life!

1). DRIVERS: We need volunteers willing to pick up dogs at the airport and deliver them to their short-term foster home. Drivers are also required to take dogs back to the airport for their connecting flight to Vancouver. Support is provided and all costs are reimbursed by LALDR.

Could this be you?

2). SHORT-TERM FOSTERS: We also need volunteers who are able to foster a newly-arrived dog for a night or two between connecting flights. Again, LALDR will provide support and reimburse any costs incurred while the dog is in foster care.

How to get in touch with LALDR and start saving lives!

If you are able to help out (or know of someone in Toronto or Montreal who can) please email LALDR at: Please help us to make a difference for dogs in Iran that are desperate to get to their loving forever homes.

Anne P. (Administrator)

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