GIVING SANGJI A LIFT: A fundraiser to help a LALDR pup get platform prosthetics & a new lease on life!

It’s hard to move when your legs don’t match!

Sangji (pronounced like Angie with an ‘S’ in front) is a one year old pup from Korea with a compelling story. Sangji was born with a deformed paw and legs that are different lengths. He was barely able to walk and faced a life of hardship before intervention from a caring rescue organization in Korea.

When he was rescued, Sangji was in very poor health. Thankfully, he received emergency veterinary care, and was soon feeling well enough to travel to Vancouver to find his forever family. It was determined that Sangji’s extensive medical treatment would be more easily addressed outside of Korea, and his sweet nature made him an excellent candidate for adoption.

Sangji showing off his rear prosthetic

Sangji’s mobility has been severely compromised up until now due to his disability. The different lengths of his legs left his pelvis tilted and his spine out-of-balance. The stress this placed on his body would have resulted in irreversible damage without something being done to remedy his different leg lengths.

X-ray clearly showing the different lengths of Sanji’s legs

The simplest solution was for Sangji to be fitted with platform prosthetics – special boots that enable him to walk (and run!) like normal dogs.

Sanji’s tilted pelvis displaced his spine

Unfortunately, prosthetics for dogs are extremely expensive. There are also other costs including surgeries to prepare Sangji’s legs for the boots, appointments to fit the prosthetics, and physiotherapy to help build muscle. His treatment is being financed by a go-fund-me account started by his LALDR foster Mom to help pay for Sangji’s prosthetics and after-care. Please visit his page at: ‘Give Sanji a Lift!’ to learn more about this courageous dog’s progress. If you are able, please consider giving a donation. You will be offering Sangji a new lease-on-life – the chance to run and play just like all the other dogs!

Sangji’s new rear-leg prosthetic

The best news is that Sangji has now found an amazing forever family! He has a loving home with 4 human siblings and a six-toed kitty! Sangji has already been fitted with a brace on his rear leg and the prosthetic for his front leg has been ordered thanks to generous donations from the public. We are so close to being able to pay for Sangji’s rehabilitation. Please help us meet our fundraising goal for this very special and deserving LALDR dog.

Sanji with his forever family

Anne P. (Administrator)

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